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In the framework of the project BorN- Borderless Nature, Biodiversity Protection and Development of the Prokljetije and Bjeshkët e Nemuna - implemented by Trentino Con il Kossovo (TCK) and the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA).

This Project is founded by the European Union office in Kosovo under IPA Cross Border Cooperation Program

Kosovo-Montenegro. Is opening the sub grant scheme “Enhancement of the touristic offers”.


Overall goal of this scheme is the realization of hiking trails, rock-climbing lines and bike trails in the project area.

Therefore, TCK and KEPA invite organizations registered in Kosovo, to apply with proposals for project grants.


All additional information regarding this Call for Proposal, including the Guidelines and application

forms can be found at


Deadline for submission of proposals is 15 March, 2017 at 16:00hrs. Any submissions received after that time will not be considered. TCK will organize information sessions in relation to this Call for Proposals to present key information of the project and application procedures and provide opportunity for questions and clarifications.


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