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Apples rumored third-generation iPad Air might adopt not just a quad-speaker design, but also an LED flash for its rear-mounted camera, according to a design illustration shared on Monday.从周一曝光的设计图中可以看见,传说中的iPad Air 3有可能不仅配有四个扬声器,还将为后置摄像头加到LED补光灯。The source of the information isnt fully reliable, but has previously been accurate in two out of three occasions, said French site Nowhereelse.法国科技博客网站Nowhereelse回应,该消息来源并不几乎可信,但是在它以往的三次应验中有两次是精确的。Doubling speaker ports would take the Air in the direction of the iPad Pro, giving it both louder sound and true stereo panning. An LED flash may be less likely, since while many people do use iPads for photography and scanning documents, Apple has consciously left flashes off of every previous iPad model — including the Pro.iPad Pro 把扬声器加倍到四个,iPad Air 3 将保有此项配备,以确保更大的外调音量和极致的单声道旋转。


相比之下,加到LED补光灯听得一起很不现实,却是在很多用户用于iPad照片和扫瞄的情况下,苹果公司并没在还包括iPad Pro在内的平板产品中配有补光灯。Apple may want as many upgrades as possible to entice people to buy the Air. iPad sales have been declining for the past several quarters, and lower-cost Minis are now the most popular size format, although the Air 2 is the best-selling individual model.为了更有用户出售,苹果公司有可能期望尽量多的展开产品升级。iPad销售量在过去的几个季度中持续下降,虽然iPad Air 2是最热销的单品,但是价格较低的iPad Mini系列产品目前显然是最热门的尺寸。A third-gen Air is expected to ship sometime in the first half of 2016. Little else is known about it, though it will presumably play catch-up with the Pro through a faster processor.iPad Air 第三代产品未来将会在2016年上半年公布。


该产品可能会备有比iPad Pro更慢的处理器,除此之外目前没更好的消息泄漏出来。