Russia is set to blast frozen dead people into space after having them cryogenically preserved.乌克兰计划将人们的遗体超低温储存,在进行冷藏处理后送到太空。Firm KrioRus said frozen bodies, DNA samples and even the bodies of pets could be blasted into the atmosphere.据身体冷藏企业(KrioRus)透露,正处在冷藏情况的身体、DNA样版乃至是动物的身体都能够被送到太空。


The multi-million pound firm already has 54 people and 21 animals from all across the world within their labs - and a further 200 signed-up for the service.这个价值约数百万英镑的企业的试验室,早就从全世界范畴内收集到54没有人们遗体和21没有动物遗体,此外也有200人签署了在过世后推行该技术性的协议书。The aim is to preserve dead bodies immediately after someone passes, before launching them into the atmosphere - where it would then cost upwards of 240,000 pounds to keep them there.这一举动的目地是在有些人去世后、在被发送到上太空前,能马上存留遗体——其花费达到24万。Those who have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for the service wear a device on their wrist throughout their life which then alerts KrioRus once theyve died.这些为这一服务项目交纳数十万的人会依然在手腕上 佩戴相近的机器设备。


在她们过世时,该机器设备就不容易马上向KrioRus发送到数据信号。KrioRus announced its space plans last month, explaining that they have made an agreement with Space Technologies, a new science and tech consortium.KrioRus在上月宣布了此项计划,并表明称作她们已与新起技术性企业“太空高新科技”达成共识了合作合同。Since 2005, the KrioRus company says it has frozen the bodies and brains of 54 people, eight dogs, nine cats, three birds, and incredibly, even one pet chinchilla. Now the plans are to launch these corpses into space.自二零零五年至今,该企业早就依次冷藏了54人、8条狗、9只猫、3只鸟乃至是1只小仓鼠小宠物的人体和人的大脑。


如今,企业计划将他们送过来上太空。The team they have joined with, Space Technologies, is a new one, being registered only last year.与她们协作的太空高新科技”是一家新的企业,上年才备案宣布创立。Under the futuristic plans these frozen bodies will not just be hanging around in orbit but kept in secure pods, but detailed plans are going no further than that at present.在未来的计划中,这种遗体并不是“停留在太空路轨上”,只是要存留在安全系数的太空舱中,但更进一步的详细计划现阶段还没有执行。Yulia Arkhipova, general director of Space Technologies excitedly said: Satellites with cryo-capsules will be launched into orbit by Russian rockets.“太空高新科技”老总尤利娅·阿尔希波娃高兴地答复:“装车超低温太空舱的通讯卫星将由乌克兰火箭升空转到路轨。